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"Gateway to the Atchafalaya Wilderness Area"


Swamp Tours in Henderson, Louisiana


Atchafalaya Basin Landing & Marina in Henderson, Louisiana, would like to show you the natural beauty and pristine surroundings that we are lucky enough to call home!!

Do you think you've seen all there is to see of the Atchafalaya Basin by driving over it on I-10?  Think again!  Once you leave on one of our unforgettable airboat tours, you will be brought into the depths of the Basin, places not accessible by any other type of boat. 

View the beauty of the moss-filled cypress forest, the primitive habitat of wild alligators and a glimpse into the life Cajuns have led for hundreds of years. 

Whether you are interested in photography or a scenic adventure, your trip to South Louisiana would not be complete without one of our unique tours.


We have multiple airboats of various sizes to accommodate your groups needs.  Tours are run 7 days a week between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (may vary depending on season).  Tours last between 1hr 15 min. to 1hr. 30 minutes and are weather permitting.  Call for pricing and reservations. 



Tucker has been making a way of life on the Bayou since he was a kid.  One of his first jobs was to help people ramp their boats at a nearby Landing here on the Levee.  He purchased Basin Landing in 1999 and has feverishly worked to expand it to what it is today.  Becoming a full time houseboat resident soon after purchase, he can often be found out in the bayou during fishing or duck season when not dealing with the constant upkeep that the marina demands.  Since becoming a licensed Captain, he has logged hundreds of hours on the Airboats showing people from around the world the Atchafalaya Basin (or as he calls it, his backyard). Tucker speaks Cajun French as well as English and loves the excitement of being a guide and Captain.


Contact us for more information about our swamp tours or cabin rentals.